Computer Architecture and System Software Lab

At Korea University

Fall, 2022.   Microprocessors

Fall, 2022.   Engineering Mathematic II

Fall, 2022.   Object-Oriented Programming


Spring, 2022.   Logic Design Laboratory

Summer and Winter, 2021.   Research Projects for Execellent Undergraduates

Fall, 2021.   Embedded System Designs

Spring, Summer, and Fall, 2021.   Logic Design Laboratory


Fall, 2020.   Topics on ML Systems (CS723)

Spring, 2020.   Topics on Datacenter Design (CS728)

Fall, 2019.   Semester Project

Fall, 2019.   Introduction to Multiprocessor Architecture (CS307)

At Yonsei

Dec. 2015.   GPGPU Programming Practice, Samsung Advanced Technology Training Institute (SAIT)

Spring, 2010.   EEE3530: Computer Architecture, Teaching Assistant

Fall, 2010.   EEE2111: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Experiments, Teaching Assistant